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2/26/11 09:03 pm - Considering making a massive tradein at Gamestop of PS2 games...

Honestly not sure if I will or won't, but looking at the PS2 shelve, I know I haven't played any of them in 4+ years. Which is a shame since there's a lot of actually decent to good RPGs there. And some oddball stuff. Sunday or Monday'll be the do or die day, so I figure I may as well list some of the highlights and see if anyone has interest in any of this in a 'make an offer' category.

More for record keeping, as they are, for the most part now gone.Collapse )

Edit: Forgot to say, that this may or may not happen, but will respond to people's offers even if I change mind.

New Edit: Games spoken for from a generous offer struck out.

Final Edit: Gone to the Gamestop and to two people.
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11/7/09 09:21 pm - What the hell...


I'm never on time.

5/11/09 10:48 pm - Musings on the river....

Still not quite sure what, if anything specific I'll be doing with my Dreamwidth account. I might do something, maybe not, but I signed up for it more as a support move at the time. We'll see.

A bit of musings in the mean time, with some general comments on Magic, Texas Hold 'Em, and the anime Saki (minor spoiler comments)

Thoughts and ramblings on the philosophy of games...Collapse )

4/3/08 07:05 pm

I really don't know why looping this song is helping in scenes not even close to as angry as this song is, but there you have it.

Bye Bye Beautiful...Collapse )

3/31/08 01:15 am - Well, hell.

JAM Project to play Otakcon this year

Hell or high water I SO want to be there.

3/28/08 01:34 pm - SERIES' #0 posted, with maybe more questions than advertised

SERIES' #0: One Question

#1 hopefully soon enough.  There isn't a typo on the date, to note.

9/18/07 05:47 pm

Reuse much? Reuse much?

I mean, I understand reusing art. It's not unheard of, but not only the same issue, but the same panel size on two pages THAT can be overlapped? Come on. (The above is me literally putting the next page "overlapping" the page previous. Nothing else was done)

7/13/07 09:01 pm - ....

Nezumi no Boogie Woogie is enough to break brain.  That it's to GoLion... brain hurts.

6/23/07 09:13 pm - Musings on the definition of words...

This post deals tangentally with the events of a few of DC's relatively current comics, specifically Flash #13 and one of the World War III issues. I'm going to lj-cut for spoiler's sake, and also to not spam friend's lists.

On comics and a certain term of value...Collapse )

4/30/07 10:52 pm - So, I don't post much, but this is one of those posts...

where I try to see if anyone has any answers/suggestions/opinions

http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=4529482 is the television I bought yesterday.  Looked very good in store, and for the most part, seemed an okay price for the money.

To note, I am not a cable TV watcher.  I have some movies and animes I watch, but for the most part, I'm a gamesman.  I did want a more current television, and wanted an LCD with the thought that it'd be 1) lighter than what I had and 2) set up for when (not if, sigh, I know me) I went and grabbed systems that did 720p (1080p is nice but honestly is not the size/cost ratio that makes sense)

I went and grabbed Nintendo's Wii component cable at Gamestop and then with Dad's help manhandled the old TV and put this one into place.

Movies with my (non-upscaling) DVD player's component looked okay to very good.   Television signal was running from coax via the cable box, so looked about how I figured it'd look (not good), but I figured I'd be running the cable to and from soon enough. 

Then I hit the game systems.

The Wii, which is my most recent machine, keeps throwing, no matter WHAT cable I use, 'tears' of color jags.  It pretty much shows in anything with a standing screen, such as, for simple example, the Wii Channel menus.  It did this with both the component and SVHS cables, no matter what mode I used.  I tried to return the component cable to Gamestop and got shafted (which I am already calling a District Manager over, and will likely be either not shopping there or 'worse', depending on response), so went to Best Buy and got the 'high end' Wii cable made by Psyclone.  Same problems.

I'm giving good odds it's the TV not the Wii, though I can't quite rule it out.  But I never saw it on the old 27" through the SVHS port.  So I'm probably taking the TV back soon as possible.  Anyone got a surefire (and within size (32-37" 700+/-$100 price) range television that IS Wii / game friendly?
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