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7/7/06 09:21 pm - SOTD

Maybe one day I'll recall to post more than once an epoch... but I'm in a good mood, so...

English Translation, but hey...Collapse )

5/24/06 07:59 pm - Blame Spycraft 2.0....

Which seems to be continuing my trend of grooving to a doomed game system... but at least I have a marginal inspiration for this, though I'm not sure if it'll come to anything if people wish.

Butterfly: Mission 1: Bourne Again

Cut for people who have no interest in possible campaign teasers...Collapse )

4/2/06 09:16 pm - What the hell, it's rare I find a quiz I like to take...

Read more...Collapse )

Though I don't like Amuro too much, I have to admit, the Nu isn't a bad one to get.

1/20/06 09:45 pm - On my birthday no less...

Hey bros? Here's one to fight / collaborate over. And this year, I'm not touching it till I'm sure it's safe.


5/8/05 10:21 pm - Minor Exalted: The Autochthon comment

Still digesting the book, but IHNW, IJLTS Excessively Righteous Blossom

4/17/05 09:50 pm - A list for eleven days hence.

As the 'kind' reminder on the phone told me I've kind of forgotten to put up a list, which certain people would like.  I've actually been good overall and not purchased some things in instant gratification mode.  Sadly, that still doesn't make for a big list, as honestly there isn't as much aside from 'huge' items that I will not be listing here.

Primarily for brother's utility...Collapse )

3/15/05 10:07 pm - Who decided Wheeljack needed to be a bad@$$?


The new Binaltech Wheeljack.

2/27/05 05:24 pm - Anyone know if this is a real release?

Honestly plan a real post later, but:


Is this a real release or a knock off?

[edited to ask the bloody question I was trying for]

1/25/05 10:39 pm - Anyone got a laserdisc they're willing to part with for a while?

My brother, wannabeliver just scored an LD player for a song, but has no discs to test it with.

1/24/05 02:22 pm - w00t.

Sometimes, one can get away with some luck being a Nice Guy.  Katsucon is go.  Tickets and car rental paid.  Now I just need to make sure I can get / crash with some accomodations.
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